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Illegibilus: Artemis Eisler by sirblckbrd Illegibilus: Artemis Eisler by sirblckbrd


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yooooo friends!

if you'd like to rp with Artemis you can note me!

I'll be in the chatrooms and online on skype to rp during weekends only, since I work and all, but during weekdays there's notes!

:iconlazyinviteplz: come on lets playy

Name:  Artemis Eisler

• Age: Seventeen

• Gender: Male

• Height: 6’3’’ / 190 cm

• Weight: 216 lbs / 98 kg

• Nationality: Austrian

• House: Gryffindor

• Year: Sixth Year

• Voice: Chris Pine



Wand Ingredients

Core: Phoenix Feather

Length: 12 and 3/4 inches

Wood: Ebony

Flexibility: Unyielding


• Pet

Name: Fontana

Species: Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

Gender: Female

Personality: Calm and snuggly, Fontana enjoys curling herself around Artemis’ neck for warmth, thankful for her master’s strong neck and shoulders. She’s wary of strangers at first but upon noticing that the stranger does not barge into her personal bubble and slowly lets her, she will welcome the stranger. She does not mind rough handling too much, but would prefer not being roughly handled on purpose. She spends a lot of time asleep, if she’s not busy grabbing mail for Artemis.


• Personality

Cool-headed | Strong-willed | Hard-working | Goal-oriented | Rough | Angry Outbursts of violence | Honest | Attached to Family | Selective of friends | Large personal bubble | Selectively Gentle | Loyal | Brave


Having been brought up enjoying all kinds of activities that require his stamina and strength, Artemis is happiest when he is exerting energy that will help build his strength. Although adept with his wand, he prefers to be adept through melee tactics as well. Many members of his family line were knights and swordsmen apart from being Wizards and Witches, and it is a pride of his family to train in swordsmanship. He practices with his sister most times however their short fuse can get them injured (his sister more so than him). Trying to fix this problem he has taught himself to become calmer by participating in sports and water related sports such as swimming or diving.

Unlike his sister he always preferred having small groups of friends rather than large, so he is very selective in friend picking, thus making him rather difficult to reach into if a girl or boy were to be interested in him romantically. His family is first and foremost, everything else is not on his priority, apart from his education. Taught from a young age and from many family members that honesty and loyalty will take you a long way, he values these traits the most in others and seeks it out. Those who dare to be honest enough to hurt people, he has respect in them.


• Background

Artemis Eisler, The older twin to Artemisia Eisler are the oldest children of Alphonse and Sofonisba Eisler. The Eislers are an old family line, a long line of witches and wizards, even warlocks. Their name date back almost 800 years. A member of a large family of six, Artemis and his family lived close to the beautiful mountains of Grossglockner in Austria. Choosing to live closer to the mountains to be further away from the regular muggles who lived further away, their family enjoyed peaceful time there. His father is a Minister who works in the Department of International Magical Cooperation in Austria while his mother is a loving housewife to four children. Originally, Artemis attended Durmstrang Institute since he became of age, and enjoyed quite an educational time spent there. He flourished in the athletics department, excelling mostly in duels if not sword fights and other styles of combat. He and his twin sister share this similarity. However he picked up his father’s calmer demeanor while his sister picked up mother’s fiery outbursts (when she needs to be) but this does not mean Artemis does not have his fair share of outbursts. Not as sociable as her, he enjoys having small, close-knitted group of friends and spends his time opening up to new people. Girls have always been a puzzle to him, more so when he entered puberty. One moment he wants them, another he is terrified of them, he’s not quite sure how to react to them honestly. One thing is certain; their hair is his favorite part. He enjoys spending time braiding his sister and his little sister’s hair, and would love to do so on any female friends he happens to get close to (if he feels comfortable enough).

Life in Durmstrang was going quite well until his father had to transfer to the Department in England. Although unnecessary, his father suggested the family move over to England, and live there for a while in a different country’s setting. His father also had hopes of sending his children to Hogwarts, since it had always been a favorable school of his (but Grandfather had chosen Durmstrang, since the majority of their family went there). So the Eislers moved, however, since the other children were still in process of transferring and most were not so good with saying their goodbyes, Artemis moved first. His mother stayed behind to make sure the transferring process went through smoothly as he started his new life in Hogwarts. He moved in during his 5th year, when he was 16. Now, after spending 1 year in Hogwarts and starting his 6th year, he’s hoping to do well enough here and finally discover what his calling is—as his grandfather always tells them, everyone has a calling, it’s up to the person to have good enough ears to hear them.



• Family

Father: Alphonse Eisler | 41 | International Magical Office of Law for the Department of International Magical Cooperation

Mother: Sofonisba Eisler | 38 | Housewife

Twin Sister: Artemisia Eisler | 17 | 6th Year student at Durmstrang Institute

Younger sister: Alberta Eisler | 14 | 3rd Year student at Durmstrang Institute

Younger brother: Albrecht Eisler | 14 | 3rd Year student at Durmstrang Institute


• Likes

Quidditch | Running | Archery | Swordfight | Swimming | Wooden carvings | His family | His twin sister’s long hair | Cuddling with his younger twins | Cute puppies | Dragons | Fire | Winter | People not scared to be horribly honest | His mother’s cooking | His family heirloom | Savory foods | Soups


• Dislikes

Arithmacy | Politics | Overly friendly people | Overly enthusiastic people | Braggers | Cheaters | Dishonesty | Unfaithfulness | Kiss ass | When his sister gets mad | When his siblings cry | Being away from his family | Crowds of people


• Spells:

Brackium Emendo – For healing broken bones.

Cave Inimicum – Warn caster of any approaching enemies.

Cushioning Charm – Produces an invisible cushion over the target.

Deprimo – This spell places immense downward pressure on the target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target.

Ferula – Creates a bandage and a splint.

Protego – The Shield Charm causes minor to moderate jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker.


• Elective Classes

Care of Magical Creatures



• Extra Curricular

Ancient Studies

Earth Magic

• Additional

Played Quidditch since his first year, once a beater, always a beater

Is a Captain and beater in Gryffindor team


• Achievements (Optional)


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