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March 30, 2012
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RC: Ahnah by sirblckbrd RC: Ahnah by sirblckbrd






Northern Water Tribe (Water Bender Father, Earth Bender Mother) - ran away to Republic City




:bulletblue:Healer - Trained by the Older females from her father's side, she knows the Healing skills of a Water Bender, and practices it quite well. She is now improving her skills by working as an Apprentice Healer in the little Clinic she's at. But not only her powers, she's also really good at treating and patching people up with medicine and remedies as well.

:bulletblue:Herbologist - With her wide knowledge of herbs she studied as a kid and now as a teenager in Republic City, she knows more about which herbs cure what, and which is good for what, as well as grows some herself.

:bulletblue:Dancer - Loved performing, was taught the arts of dance back in North Pole and she'd often perform during festivals. She still practices it from time to time but isn't making a living out of it.


Calm | Peaceful | Hardworking | Hardheaded | Stubborn | Dedicated | Kind | Caring | Worrisome | Motherly | Doesn't Back Down | Honest a mixture of water and earth pretty much

RP sample

Once a calm, and kind voice now bellowed out into the echoing walls of her home. Decorated with ornaments, animal bones and honorary medals.

"This is only for your own good, Ahnah."

"Just because you have one child left stuck here with you does not mean you have the right to grab her and force her into a marriage!"

"But Ahnah--"

The young girl huffed angrily, and stomped towards her room as hard as she could. She wasn't going to stay here and try to listen to anymore of their reasoning. She disagreed to them all.

"Ahnah your father only thought it was best for you..."

"What father thinks contradicts completely with what he himself had done in the past, and don't give me that 'That's not the same' bullshit!"

The old couple flinched at her yelling. Not once had their daughter ever raised her voice, not once has she ever yelled. They knew they did something wrong, and they were trying to reason with her. Yet....none of it seem to be going through to her.

"I'm going to find my brother."

Was the last thing she said, and the last thing they ever heard from her.

Additional Info

Was betroth to a guy from the tribe, ran away because of that to come stay with her brother.

Wears the pendant her brother carved for her when he left when she was 8 around her waist as a belt.

Dislikes fighting, avoids it at all costs.

5'5'' / 125 lbs

Has dimples when she smiles

Has an older brother she's really attached to, and lives with: [link]

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sirblckbrd Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
I we're allowed to use art not of our own?
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So long as it relates to your character or the setting.
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I'd rather use my own art, thanks. So we can just make a facebook page and head over to the facebook group to...apply? I've never really done facebook rping.
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dCTb Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
geez Ahnah is really attractive
what do Tarou and Ahnah's parents look even? :iconcatinglipplz:
sirblckbrd Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
we (theo and I) thought that their dad is probably the one with the calm nice face while the mother is the one with sharper I'd think she got it from her dad and Tarou their mom? :iconmingplz:
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HI THOSE ARE MY BOOBS/WIFE :iconharharplz:

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all these teets

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