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VT: Officer Artemisia by sirblckbrd VT: Officer Artemisia by sirblckbrd
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- - - - - - -

Name: Artemisia Eisler ("Artie")
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"/168 cm
Country: Melruun
Element: Water
Faction: Erius Knights
Rank: Officer
STR: 18 | MAG: 6 +5 | VIT: 10 | SPD: 16 | SP: 0 |
STR: 30 | MAG: 11 +5 | VIT: 17 | SPD: 22 | SP: 0 |

STR: 32 | MAG: 13 +5 | VIT: 20 | SPD: 25 | SP: 0 |
Weapon: Double-Ended Sword
The weapon extends for approximately 6 feet in length with a fitted sword on each end, and only one side of the blade is sharp while the other is dull.
Vessel/Dragon: Electric Dragon; Adult Dragon - "Laran"
Frontline Offense: Artie specializes in power and speed as she is very fast and her strikes are strong. A Water Adept, although her Magic is not as powerful as her brother she makes up for it with her strength and speed--despite her size and built. Her Double-Ended Sword is heavy and strong, attacking the opponents as quick as possible and causing the most damage in a variety of moves.

Determined | Headstrong | Goal-Oriented | Obedient | Caring | Protective | Brash | Loyal
Goal-Oriented and determined are an understatement for Artie, for she'll push to her furthest point to do what she has to go to get where she has to go. She is well disciplined under orders and commands as well as obedient. Her deep drive to redeem her family name as the older sibling of her family drives her to push herself further--to prove herself and her family that they can rise again from the ashes.

When it comes to people she loves, Artie is completely devoted as well as protective. She puts her brother and family before anyone else and anyone who becomes someone she truly cares for will be the same. Selfless--she worries about her brother's well-being before her own and would die for him if needed be. She can be a mother hen at times, but it is only because she cares deeply for the few that she will actually allow inside her heart to love.


Eislers had always been rather well known for their light skin, hair and eyes during their generation--and because of this many of the Melruun citizens talked about them and gossipped. Finally, after having enough of these rumors the youngest son of one generation decided he might as well give these people what they wanted and joined the ranks of the Riders to ride dragons, or "ghosts" as Melruuns believed. They weren't particularly famous or well known but that was how the Eisler line of Knights began until some generations go in the midst of war an Eisler Rider was found delivering information to the opposite side. Being that the Knights value honor and loyalty--shame came upon the family as well as death to the traitor. Eislers withdrew from the Knights in shame for what a member of their family had done until two generations ago when Artie's grandfather decided to clear the Eisler's name. Returning to the Knights was in no way smooth or easy--and his period was cut short as he died in battle--was what the family was told. Her father followed soon after and joined as well, but his duty was also cut short when 6 years old Artie discovered her father had also died in battle. Little Artie did not understand the concept quite well, but she had a feeling something was not right.

Artie was the older of the two children. She had always been rather rough around the edges and tough as well as reliable towards her little brother and her grandmother. Ever since what happened to her grandfather and father--and knowing the history of her family line Artie had sworn to join the ranks of the Knights to follow the path that her father and grandfather did--to redeem her family of the traitor name that was passed down. Her light skin and eyes had for a very long time during her childhood caused her grief--and to her, her hair represents the sin that was passed down from the traitor in their family. With the loss of her father and her mother walking out on them after constant verbal abuse from their grandmother--Artie took up the responsibility to renew their name with determination. She knew what she was getting into and would do anything to fix the 'sin' that exists right on her head.

Because she lack a mentor figure who could train her, her grandmother went out of her way to ask a family member from grandmother's side of the family to train Artie in the arts of fighting. Because he was also a Knight, his dislike for their family was present--and intentionally picked a weapon that is more difficult for a girl her size. Training was torturous but Artie pulled through and proved to him that she was not the seed of the traitor blood, and she gained his respect for her as a fighter.

However, Artie's other reason was that if anything were to happen she'd rather it was her than her little brother. She'd rather that she forever becomes a soldier of the Knights to serve and give up her life for them so that in the end, Eislers can finally have a peaceful family life--so that her little brother can have a normal peaceful life. So when her little brother decided to join the ranks with her it was much to her disagreement but his determination was undeniable and she knew well--she could never say no. So now her goal consists of erasing the bad name from her family as well as ensuring that her little brother's future will be happy and safe.


:bulletwhite:Weisses Blut:bulletwhite: - The name derives from 'White Blood', in reference to white blood cells that will 'eat' the foreign cell. Defensive skill, can create water spheres in mid air that will 'wrap' or 'surround' itself around the incoming physical attack, and it pushes/deflects the attack away from her.

:bulletwhite:Speerspitze:bulletwhite: - 'Spear Tip', fast moving Water shaped Spear tips she can conjur as she swings her weapon and they send Water Spears out to crash right into the opponent and into any object attack.

:bulletwhite:Kalter Sturm:bulletwhite: - named 'Cold Storm', An eye of a storm forms around her as protection--as she concentrates the water and freezes it, making it rain small to medium sized Ice Shards down in a 60 feet radius for 20 seconds, causing fatal wounds. After the duration of the attack she will lose consciousness for a whole day and will not be able to do magic for 48 hours.

Extra Info:
- Affectionate towards dragons, it is the only time she seems like a decent kind woman and not a punching machine.
- She keeps her hair long since Albie likes it that way, and it has sort of became her safety blanket.
- Can be rather hotheaded at times and does things without thinking first.
- Loves swimming, hates the sun since she burns quite easily.
- Eats twice her size.
- Wears a gold earring on her right ear, while her brother wears on his left.
- Favorite food is anything that has meat in it, doesn't like vegetables

- Full Body Ref: [N/A]
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